10 Best Responsive WordPress Magazine Themes 2015

9. January 2015 Posted by W3blog

10 Best Responsive WordPress Magazine Themes 2015

Through this post, we are providing you the best 10 premium WordPress magazine themes that are furnished with numerous advanced yet fully customized features. To help you maintain your budget and get the high-quality WordPress template, this is the perfect collection of worlds popular ten themes, which has never been seen anywhere before. Surely, this selection of great themes will give an idea to pick the expected one at nominal cost. These WordPress newspaper themes have been developed & designed outstandingly using the advanced technologies and various unique features.

If your budget allows you to avail premium WordPress magazine theme, then you should definitely go through this post & browse each theme individually to judge, which one is best for your business. This collection will also work as an inspiration for you, especially if you want to build a responsive WordPress theme from the ground.

Now, collecting the names of bundle of websites is not required, because we are providing the top 10 names of 100% responsive, feature-rich and interactive WordPress magazine themes via this post.

However, its a time consuming task to check demo of each theme separately to analyze the features completely, but this is indispensable from business point of view. From minimalist funny to sleek or casual to business-oriented, this list will truly aid you to pick the excellent theme for the fulfillment of your specific web designing demands. Browse the following, it wont disappoint you & cater a plenty of first-rate features:



NiceBird is an exclusively designed theme for blogs, magazines & newspapers, powered by Bootstrap 3.0 and furnished with multiple ingenious features that make it leading & powerful WordPress theme. The code of this theme is absolutely validated with W3C standards, SEO-friendly and fully responsive. Furthermore, it provides high-class webpage speed with multiple animations, Sticky Navigation, advanced Flex Slider, Google Web Font and 4 modern Homepages with 100% web & mobile browser compatibility.













Deadline is a simple, clean and fully-functional responsive WordPress theme, especially build for magazine & newspaper websites. For the occasional bloggers and developers, it provides good experience by catering them up to the mark custom features like fluid grids, advanced markup and fluid images. There is no more need to manage the websites with multifarious devices as the site created by this theme automatically adjusts according to device & screen resolution.












Blog News

Blog News is a 1click install responsive theme with unique pages, layout designs, widget and Ajax functions. It consists of unlimited colors, 6 posts, modern font icons, Google fonts and Flex slider as well as render a complete control to the user to manage the website. For the creation of a website, which works effectively over almost all browsers, Blog News theme is a good choice.













Newsplus is a multipurpose theme for blogs, magazines, editorial ventures and news, which is fully responsive & SEO optimized and retina ready. It is incorporated with the blend of features like visual short-codes, Micro-Formats, custom widgets, post formats, RTL support, custom templates and Micro-Formats that make it unique & powerful.













Lightly is a CSS3 and HTML5 coded WordPress theme, suitable for magazine websites. It is clean in design, well-coded and considerable thing; it is quite simple to use.













Morasel News

Built with Twitter Bootstrap, Morasel news is a very interactive and easy to understand theme to create the magazine & news websites that can be modified easily by the users. This jQuery based WordPress theme is 100% responsive and it contains unlimited Homepage layouts, colors and many more smart features.













Featured with numerous categories of colors, slide style menu, custom background, Native & Facebook comments, drop-down menus, boxed & wide layout, Nadia WordPress theme is 100% SEO-friendly & translation ready. This theme also provides precise documentation with screenshots to use every feature efficiently and create expected news website.




Newsright is one of the modern and feature-rich HD WordPress themes for news as well as magazines. Best in design, fast, bbPress & wooCommerce compatible, this theme comes with more than 500 Google fonts and many on-click options for responsive news magazine website design.




Having a unique Admin Interface and lots of advanced features, HotNews is a WordPress 3.5 ready theme for news, reviews, blogs and magazines. Loaded with a myriad of inbuilt yet flexible features, this responsive theme has earned a great place in the market with clean design.




It is another one of the popular WordPress 3.5 ready magazine themes with page builder, unlimited colors, more than 80 theme options, 9 page templates, 8 custom widgets and more features. Besides these, it is compatible with bbPress forum, custom sidebars and wooCommerce.


Author Bio:

Tom Hardy is a professional web developer at Sparx IT Solutions, who is passionate about providing essential tips and guidelines to help people. He loves to share his views and creative ideas through his blogs based on WordPress web development, theme customization and more.”

How Exact Keyword Targeting Has Gone Obsolete

22. October 2014 Posted by W3blog

How Exact Keyword Targeting Has Gone Obsolete

Google’s decision to remove the function of exact-match keyword word targeting has created panic among the SEO and PPC employees. Not only will his make their jobs harder, it will also make researching a problem. People will no longer be able to search for things in selective manner but would have to deal with excess information every time they search for a particular keyword or phrase. PCB being a specialized market already with a very sophisticated audience, search engine optimization can become more problematic. However, the experts can devise the correct strategy.

There are two schools of thought amid this issue, One that believes that Google’s sole motive behind this decision is to generate money for itself and the other that argues that Google might have felt that this function is not that useful and people might be using it to no one’s advantage in particular and often misleading people. But how will you go about your online marketing strategy to bag potential clients?

This move, Undoubtedly, Will be of great benefit to Google as the profits would increase. The first step anyone would make is to keep up with the trends and get phrases or keywords close to their keyword and bid for them increasingly. For instance, Phrases similar to printed circuit boards in your case would do the trick. However, the difference between partial, exact or broad match has decreased and will soon not exist completely and this will make research quite hectic and troublesome. Due to the broad match feature, It is impossible to know where to find what one is looking for and the search results can include various irrelevant data.

The distinction between valid and irrelevant data seems to be disappearing and it will only make researching that much harder. But the situation is not completely hopeless; there are other ways to make sure that the research material is relevant to your needs.

  • Google Suggest is very helpful, If the location is visible, the research would show results according to the location of the person which would come quite handy when searching for something local, especially in the case of PCB manufacturers working locally. It would definitely refine the search a little. AdWords is ideal for the advertisers but this is not bad either.

  • Secondly, A direct referral can be done from Google AdWords or Analytics state the keyword and then search for the relevant material. The keyword is still the same and the search will be exact. It seems that a little fact has been forgotten, we still have other search engines. Searches could be conducted on other engines and one might even figure out searches that are more popular and target them instead of focusing on something which is not generating enough results.  

It is a good idea to widen the keyword targeting. Instead of focusing on the exact keyword, We can focus on what we really want to get from the results or what our interests could be. This will help greatly as researchers will be able to find relevant data or data which is close to their interest.
Ryan Chester

Ryan Chester is one of the foremost authorities on search engine optimization, pay-per-click and e-mail marketing. With OrangeCountyWebDevelopment.com he has helped Fortune 500 companies across the globe access success in the digital marketing space.


3 Best High-Speed Internet Bundles for 2014

19. September 2014 Posted by Olawale Daniel

If you’re looking to bump up your monthly savings in 2014, this is a great time to get the best broadband internet deals. Recent months have witnessed several new top-notch broadband deals surface, as well as plenty of promotions in the form of bundles, which include Cable TV and phone service as well.

While you sometimes don’t have to get all the services from the same company, it can pay dividends to opt for such an option. The main reason is price; you’ll tend to discover the more services you purchase from one company, the more savings you will be able to make.

Also, consumers sometimes find it convenient. If you get broadband internet, phone and Cable TV deals from one company, that’s half the paperwork and all costs come in one payable invoice – and there’s only one number you need to call for dealing with technical issues or connecting to customer support.

Top broadband deals of the year

Once your purchase priorities are set, you can look to narrowing down the best broadband internet offers available at your disposal. Here are some of the best ones available:


The company says that high-speed internet along with TV services and home phone communication is the communication trifecta that keeps households running smoothly. AT&T U-verse bundles take consumers to the next level with customized options designed to meet their high-speed internet, communication and entertainment needs.

There are several U-verse promos available for discounts and cash backs at present. For instance, the Triple Play deal includes High Speed Internet Express as well as AT&T Nation 450, along with DIRECTV with Premium Channels and unlimited long distance and local phone calls with AT&T’s Best Calling features such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, etc.


Verizon broadband can provide options for some of the best cable TV, phone and internet bundles in the country. New and existing customers can see for themselves whether they can use a promo code to get a discounted rate on Verizon’s FiOS cable TV service or internet today. The company also offers Triple Play deals that include a free Visa gift card – it further brings down the price of the bundled deal.

Verizon is also a full service broadband internet provider, with its actual FiOS bandwidth offering faster speed than its advertised rate and it stays that way even during peak hours of 8 pm till 11 pm. You just need to know where to find various Verizon fios promos to take advantage of these services. Money Ning recommends consumers commit and sign up if they find a deal because some promotions expire pretty quickly and you don’t want to have any regrets after the fact.

Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable’s high-speed internet can go up to 30 Mbps. The company’s bundled prices are one of the lowest offered by internet and cable TV companies. Consumers can also take advantage of additional perks offered by Time Warner Cable including home WiFi, Time Warner Cable WiFi hotspots, and upload speeds of 5 Mbps.

Time Warner Cable high-speed internet also includes free parental control and internet security software as well as free email accounts for consumers operating home based businesses. The company has many discount bundles and promos available, but pushed back from marketing its triple play offers last year. Time Warner Cable coupons can be found online and in newspapers.

Top WordPress Tips to Make Your Blogging Experience Better

9. June 2014 Posted by W3blog

There is no better software that you can think of for blogging than WordPress. It is such easy software to use that even novice computer users will be able to set up their blog and to frequently update their blog. Being creative and making alterations to the blog with the help of WordPress is very easy and does not eat much of your time. If you are looking to make your blogging experience a better, easier and efficient one, then all you need to do is to follow the below mentioned tips.

Getting Your Blog Recognized

There is no point in just creating an amazing blog with very good posts and publishing it online. You have to create a very good URL for the blog to get noticed by popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. so that it is viewed by many internet users. To create an attractive URL for your new post:

  • Go to the options section and click on ‘permalinks’ in the drop down menu.
  • Choose custom permalinks to set your own link and then type in a new permalink structure “%category%/%postname%”.
  • This will ensure that the name of the post or the name of the category, followed by the name of the post will be seen in the URL.

“Do Follow” Blog

It is ideal  that you make your blog a ‘do follow’ blog as this will help in many people to  follow your blog and your blog can enjoy better page rankings in popular search engines with many people sharing your posts.

  • There are many do-follow plug-ins available on the internet and this can be found out by searching through a search engine on the internet or on the WordPress site itself.
  • Chose one that you find is in great demand like “Add This” or “Share This” and see your blogs getting good responses from internet users.

Regular Posting

There is no doubt that regular and repeated postings will help in improving your blog’s page rankings.

  • Make sure that you write a blog every day or every week depending on the traffic level.
  • An easy way to do this is to write a few blog posts ahead of its posting time and then save them as drafts.
  • You can also change the post time option for these new posts to a future date and time so that it gets automatically posted when its time arrives.
  • This will save your valuable time and you will also be constantly updating your blogs even if you are not blogging on the update day.

Thinking of What to Write

If you do not have information to update on your blog, then:

  • You can always check out Google News search to find new information by using the niche of your blog.
  • Recap a news article that you found interesting and is close to your blog content and put your comment about the event in your blog.
  • You need to give your personal experience about the news so that it makes some interesting reading for your users.

WordPress offers you a lot of space to make many tweaks, tips and tricks to make your blog customized and much appealing to your readers.

What is SEO and Benefits of Using it in Your Business?

9. June 2014 Posted by W3blog

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the method of increasing the quality and volume of traffic to a website using search engine results. SEO can increase the ranking of your website on search engine results, so that more searchers will turn to your site. This is one of the online marketing strategies. The process involved in the optimization of a site includes the coding of the site, the content and structure of the site, site presentation etc which will improve the indexing of the business website.

Best Tool for Online Marketing

The success of any online business depends on the strategies included in online marketing.

  • Any online marketing should involve SEO as it drives targeted customers to the site. Searchers usually go through the search results from the top of the page to the bottom to find relevant sites.
  • If your site happens to be in the top of the result page, then there are more chances of getting it noticed by the potential customer. This will definitely increase the number of people visiting your site.
  • More traffic means more chances of getting business.  There are many agencies and consultants who will do the process of search engine optimization for your website.

Creating Brand Awareness

One of the major benefits of having search engine optimization is to create awareness about your product or service among the potential customers.

  • With best SEO services you can achieve a good profile for your business internationally.
  •  If you are adding new products or services in your business, you can use related keywords or phrases to make your site rank higher in search engines.
  • You will be marketing your brand and products 24/7 with SEO. Your brand will be reaching out to the people 24 hours a day without any interruption.

Increased Profit

It is possible to get better sales leads by SEO.

  • SEO brings in more targeted visitors to your site who are interested in your brand and service. When more targeted customers are visiting your site, there are chances of getting higher sales.
  • Once the customers are satisfied with your product and sales, there are chances that they will suggest your product to others and they will return to get your services or products in the future also.
  • This will definitely increase your profit in the long run. You cannot expect the sales to increase by overnight with the SEO process.

Selecting an SEO service

  • There are professional SEO services that can lift the ranking of your site in top search engines. They use the latest techniques and analytic service to ensure better traffic to the sites.
  • It is better to opt for guaranteed SEO services for your business promotion. They provide 100% refund of money if the website fails to get top ranking in popular search engines.

It is necessary that SEO services follow the webmaster guidelines to boost the ranking. The SEO methods have great influence on a business website and hence it is necessary to select the best services to get impressive results with SEO.

Open Source and Security: What You Need to Know in 2014

25. April 2014 Posted by Olawale Daniel

Even if you’re not a Linux-using, Android device-toting, Gimp loving, Open Office dependent open-source flag waving mega-fan, you probably at least appreciate the idea of open source. That there are so many useful open source applications out there for those of us who are budget challenged (or who simply prefer to support the independents) is one of the best things about living in the future.

That doesn’t mean, though, that there aren’t real security risks out there. Remember: the blessing of open source is also the curse of open source: anybody can download it and then do whatever they want with the software. There is no “do no harm” oath that open source app users have to take before they can use their programs.

This means that hackers (the bad kind) and other ne’er do wells can download any outsource program they want and mess with it to their hearts’ content. They can find security loopholes. Heck, they can create security loopholes and then upload their “updated and user friendlier” versions of the software to the torrent and viola! Thousands of potential targets.

Nowhere has this been more problematic than with the Android OS.

At first blush, the idea of an open sourced mobile OS seemed like the best thing ever. Way to provide for the masses, Google! But over the last year or so, the security threats have gotten out of hand:

A recent article in Ars Technica points to a security vulnerability that would allow someone to turn your Android mobile device into a remotely controlled bugging and spying device.

According to Security Park, 2014 will see Android security threats hit a new all time high as malware creators and other types focus on exploiting the OS and its vulnerabilities.

CRN.Com points to specific malware threats from China that are designed to attack personal information and communication portals (like your email).

So what can you do? Obviously you’re not going to switch to an Apple device!

Step Up Your Security Software

If you haven’t updated your security software in a while, now is the time to do it. Download Android specific security software on your mobile devices.

Check for Vulnerabilities

If you know your code and are fairly confident in your skills, you can use Linux to find malware codes and strings in your Android apps. This takes some time, though, and make sure you’re using a machine with plenty of memory!

Sign Out, Turn it Off

Yes, it is tempting to keep your various accounts (social media, bank, email) signed in and running in the background. But the few seconds you save in opening the app and signing in are more than enough for black-hatters to steal your info. Always sign out and completely close out of every app after you’re done using it.

You already know how to do the research required to make sure that an app creator or file torrenter is legit. Make sure you do this before you download anything on your Android device. Remember, Android is the primary target right now. Handle it with kid gloves until the ADD-addled hackers and jerks find a different target on which to focus.

Risk of Cheap SEO Link Building Packages

4. March 2014 Posted by danny

My clients often want to discuss what their former SEO service or company built or offered as a link building “package”. Frequently, these packages comprise badly outdated or risky approaches to bulk link building which may have once been effective but are hazardous today. One recent case involves a client who is the owner of a modest but very successful small niche website which was creating several thousand dollars a month until suddenly a massive penalty hit it. At that point, she essentially dropped to zero income and was considering a few dollars a month as the new norm for the penalized site…

Fortunately this site was hit by Penguin and not a manual penalty which makes the cleanup process easier. Also, luckily the site had a fair number of great niche-relevant links. But these good links were dwarfed by the number of spammy and high risk links littering the profile. In this case, she just needed the standard SEO analysis and link disavow from Rewind SEO. This includes a side-by-side competitor analysis next the site’s top ranking competitors, a comprehensive risk analysis on all links, and finally, sorted safe and risky links with the bad links submitted to Google’s disavow tool.

Fast forward 4 months and I get the great news in an email from her that the site has suddenly seen a near full recovery overnight! Actually it is a similar story with most of my clients. The penalty recovery time differs and many sites need more quality links built first but the causes are all very similar. If it is not negative SEO, algorithm penalties are usually caused by cheap ‘packaged’ link building services. There is an email like that sitting in my spam folder at this moment… Let’s take a look:

We’re providing a SEO service for your site. This will let you enhance your MSN, Yahoo!, and Google search engine positions.
Monthly work and duties:
300 Social Bookmarking Entries
20 Press Release Submissions (2 press release x 10 press release sites)
20 Approved article submissions (2 article x 10 article directory submissions)
50 Manual Blog Comments
15 Mixed PR one way links
200 Directory entries
Rates: 200 USD per month per job at start of each month.
If you are interested, please let us know.
[name and site withheld]

It is not in the least ironic that many of the services offering risky link building packages advertise though unsolicited email spam. This was actually through my site’s contact form which is doubly ironic since these are the services I clean up after. I’ve seen many of the emails and service descriptions for SEO services in the last few years and while Google has changed, it seems these types of services have not. Over the last 8 years or so, some parts of this package could have been successful. However, today almost every component of this service is risky, spam, or only safe in very limited uses. I believe or at least hope most folks understand this when they receive such emails or advertising for cheap outdated SEO services. If not, I’d like to cover these risky link types:

Social Bookmarks: always a weak link type and now considered spammy Penguin food. Also known as “SEO bookmarks”, these links have little or no positive value and high risk. When you see services offering hundreds of bookmarks, it is clear they are posed on sites specifically made for SEO. When done cheaply they’re also all going to have duplicate content. Social bookmarks have essentially been replaced by social signals now (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc…).

Article Directories: a few editorial article sites might not hurt but otherwise, same as social bookmarks. Most article directories do not even edit the articles which makes them ‘link repositories’ for cheap spun or over-syndicated pieces. Again, very risky.

Press Releases: do-follow press releases are considered risky links according to Google and have been targeted for manual penalties. The only good press releases are a few top authorities designed for human traffic, not SEO, and these are nofollow links.

Blog Comments: these are only good in limited numbers from niche relevant sites and with a name as anchor text (no keywords ever). 50 is already overdoing it compared to the other links and you can almost guarantee a cheap SEO service is spamming random auto-approve blogs which are one of the worst types of link sources possible. If they are on niche-relevant sites and using safe practice with anchor text, that might be ok but there is no mention of this so it would be safe to assume the worst.

Directory links: general (all-topic) SEO directories toxic links since before the original Google Penguin penalty. Only editorial niche directories and limited local citation directories are acceptable in small numbers and that is certainly not what is being referenced here.

Can you guess if this SEO package is safe for your site? Yeah, it isn’t… This junk mail is just cheap SEO methods/spam from years ago with no clue about what has changed with Google’s algorithms, or more likely, they don’t care (no doubt they’ve heard back from penalized clients before). Before being tempted to purchase any cheap SEO package, you should take careful note on the link types they are building. Then check if those link types are actually viable. Rewind SEO’s list of penalized links is a good resource to use if you need to screen potentially risky SEO services.

Over the past two years in particular, SEO has made rapid changes with Google’s updates and it is easier than ever to get a Google penalty. There are tons of spammy SEO services so webmasters must always be cautious when selecting a good service. If your website is important, it pays off to always do a little research before hiring an SEO service if anything looks questionable.

Way to manage your online reviews

13. January 2014 Posted by Ricky

According to Mashable, almost 50% of American consumers are more likely to buy a product or service from a business that has a positive review online. Unfortunately, far too many small business owners don’t actually monitor what their customers are saying about them on the web. Negative reviews, especially ones that aren’t acknowledged, can lead to a business closing its doors for good. Business owners should be both responding to negative reviews and advertising positive ones.

Why Are Online Reviews So Important?

People tend to take the opinions of others not-so-lightly, even if they don’t know the person writing the review. The assumption is that if someone else had a bad experience, they will too. Even worse is if several people had the same negative experience – the odds are in your favor that you’ll be disappointed as well! Here are a few ways to manage your online reviews:

1. Make it easy to monitor popular review sites by signing up for Google Alerts, which is a free service. You can also sign up with a reputation management service, which will monitor any and all mentions of your business throughout the Internet. Certain review websites will also send you an e-mail whenever new reviews of your business are added.

2. Unfortunately, people are only encouraged to post reviews when they’ve had a bad experience, not a good one. You can, however, personally request that your satisfied customers review you online. To encourage them to logon and say something nice about your business, offer a freebie or a discount on their next order. Make it easy for them, too – sign up for a service that will automatically e-mail your customer and request that they submit a review.

3. There’s no rule that says you can’t promote your good reputation online. You should be your own best advertising! Once you have a few good reviews, put a link on your website and social media profiles so that visitors can read them. You can also link to your reviews in newsletters and other types of online promotions.

4. Whatever you do, don’t ignore a review, whether it’s a good one or a bad one. Set up a personal policy for responding to reviews and stick to it. If you come across a negative review, it’s important to quickly respond to it, preferably via a private message. This isn’t always possible, unfortunately, because some reviewers won’t leave their personal information or contact information on the review. When you get a negative review, acknowledge that they’re dissatisfied, explain how you are going to resolve the problem and ask them to come back to your business. You’ll want to offer something that will encourage them to return, like a major discount or something for free. If you run a large company or are in charge of a few employees, you can designate someone to handle this task for you. Make sure to choose someone you trust, who is patient and who has strong communication skills.

5. Regularly review tips for managing your online reputation. There are plenty of websites dedicated to helping you keep your online rep squeaky clean, like Reputation.com. There are tons of tricks of the trade when it comes to putting your best virtual foot forward.

6. Make sure that if there is a bona fide problem with your business that seems to be disappointing customers over and over, that you fix the problem immediately.

Let’s Say the Worst Happens!

If you receive a negative review that you appropriately respond to in a timely manner, there’s no guarantee that the customer is going to forgive, forget or even acknowledge your response. This is normal! What do you do, though, if a dissatisfied customer won’t let you make it up to them? You can publish a public apology or response. That way, even if you’ve lost a customer, others will see that you do in fact handle issues like this well.


Five Ways to Build Organic Traffic to Your Website

28. September 2013 Posted by Mike Salvaggio

Even before the Internet had dial-up—when business was run on a sundial—business has always been expanding. While the procedures have evolved, the practice remains. If you have something to sell with the skill to connect with the needs of others, you’re already off to a great start regardless of if you’re selling Phone Service or a boxed set of too many Power Ranger DVDs for someone to live with .So before you shout “IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME!” here are some marketing tips to get you more organic traffic

Your website attracts visitors the same way a brick and mortar store.

Whether someone clicks your page via Google listings or curiosity give them a reason to stick around. Shop your own store. Check your website design and development, not just graphics, but titles/descriptions, written contents and action buttons (the “Read More” “Order Now” areas) as well. To measure customer interaction, check the time of duration and the bounce rate of your site.

Create Infographics and Share Them Through Pinterest, Manta, Slideshare, etc.

Artistic yet accessible, an infographic is the sign of the times. It gives you presentation without having to load ambitious applications or iPhone-unfriendly Flash Players. Visuals with your message will not only gauge interest, but with Pinterest and Facebook everyone is so quick to share that your infographic could spread like a Californian wildfire.

Whether you’re detailing SEO, website design, or talking about a giant octopus, If you’ve got a picture to paint, then you have something to be shared.  This is an excellent example of an infographic.

Utilize a lead provider.  Even SEO Companies do it.

SEO Companies generate leads. Plan and simple.  You might be surprised to learn that even SEO Companies also use lead providers such as buyseoleads.com to cut corners in acquiring their own customers. You could always do that for your business provided you have a specialist in your Niche provided you could find a reputable one.  Check the SERPs with your business and the key phrase such as “construction leads” or “florist leads”.  You will be pretty surprised that there is an entire ecosystem around selling leads for your business.  Be careful though, the reputation for lead brokers is shoddy at best.  If an SEO Company uses these tactics, that should be a good enough indicator that you should be too.

Build Links Yourself!

Save some dough, try using these same tactics to build links, establish domain authority and generate traffic/leads.LinkedIn is not just social media: it’s one of the finest weapons in link authority. A LinkedIn page for yourself with a link to your business can shoot your name up in the search rankings by providing a powerful PR9 link.  You may also consider a small business page on Manta.com or using your site as a citation/reference on Wikipedia among other actions for even more link juice.

Optimizing Other Media.

Youtube is another example of a high PR 9 page and it’s very easy to setup.  Open an account with Youtube and add your business link there.  That establishes some pretty high authority with Google and it will be represented on your website with higher search rankings. With tags, shares and relevance your video can build your name as can a website. That’s what Web 2.0 is about.

3 Design and Marketing Tips for Authors

2. September 2013 Posted by Olawale Daniel

You’ve heard the call of social media before, and if you’re a writer it can be hard to answer it. Writers tend to be very personal people, often going lengths of time without sharing much with anyone. Writing almost requires seclusion for concentration sake, to let ideas flow. Yet, it is also a social endeavor.

Besides generating more content, the actual makeup of your page can affect your blog’s visibility. When you’re a self-published writer, you’ll need all of the visibility you can get.

Mobile Optimized Websites

Mobile devices include smartphones and tablets, and with more than half of Americans on one or more of these devices you’ll want to make sure your site looks proper on those screens. Include the CSS “media” query tag in your site’s code. It looks up queries for the user’s device before your page is displayed, adjusting resolution behind the scenes to fit any screen.

Why the focus on mobile? Mobile Internet use is nearing half of the US and European populations. Mobile users are also more likely to take actions, like buy a book or join a mailing list, so their attention will likely lead to more sales for you.

Link to Places People Can Buy Your Book

Instead of the carpet b*** approach of inundating followers with links, work on one page that you update frequently with new locations that people can go to purchase your book. Make sure you also include links to any online retailers, like Amazon, that are selling your book.

Don’t shy away from reviews either. Add the Brand.com reviews widget to your site, giving visitors the chance to leave some feedback on your book with a star rating system. Inputting feedback is fast for users, and administrators have control over what gets published. You can edit feedback and delete posts that are overtly negative to protect your reputation. Use alerts and hashtag searches to find out who is talking about your book. You might find a bit more shelf space by contacting book shops to show them the buzz you’re generating with those searches.

E-books are also becoming extremely popular, so be sure to publish your manuscript in that format. The Apple iBooks service lets others self publish PDF or ePub manuscripts for free, or charge users for manuscripts in the iBooks format.

Location Based Marketing

Any successful author is going to need to grab the attention of the public eye. That means live speaking engagements and book signings. Without a PR team, you’ll need to do much of that work on your own.

A fast fix is to post the address for your live events, using Google Maps, to help mobile users find you. First, look up the venue on Maps and then place an embed code on your “Events” page. Tweet the “Events” page to your audience, with the link to the address, and users will be able to locate you from their smartphones. With Google’s recent addition of Waze, users will also get turn-by-turn directions and real time traffic updates, which is a nice bonus for you.