I need your help with adsense

15. November 2012 Posted by Jimmy Sigenstrøm

Hey all

I need your tips, ideas and know-how on optimizing Adsense, on websites that target’s worldwide users. I have a couple of other websites that target’s users from around the world, but I’m getting gray hair from trying to find the right setup on Adsense.

I of course tried the Danish setup which I’m pretty good at first, which in plain English sucked big time and since then I’v e tried god knows how many different setups but not luck.

So do share your experience with me and all the other users on the blog.!  :wink:

On another note, I’m cutting down the number of guest posts, not saying that guest post aren’t welcome they are but I will be more selective:!

And are dedicating 1½ hour a day to the blog which means updates to the themes starting with with “Gray and Gold” fixing the no comment bug on pages so that’s out by the end of the week.!!  :mrgreen:

And btw the Google Pageranks has been updated, check yours at this pagerank checker  and of course share, like and so on.

And W3blog got it’s pagerank 6 back.! YES  :grin:


PLZ note that this IS NOT request for you to click on the Adsense .!!

About Jimmy Sigenstrøm

I am a qualified multimedia designer but has worked mostly with systems development in C # and search engine optimization, link building. Besides this I have my blog about whiplash and my SEO blog that is in connection with my link directory / article database

33 Responses to I need your help with adsense

  1. candles says:

    Can you give please some more information, exactly were youa re stuck on?
    What actually you are not able to do? and how can we help you?


    • The Danish setup that works for me is using the same colors as the webpages is build up with, ie. the ad title and links as the title on the web, text as text and the no borders.

      Tried this on the English pages but no luck, and then I tried several other combos with other colors and borders but none of them seems to work.. :(

  2. Joe Clark says:

    Hi Jimmy!

    First of all, Congratulations on getting PR 6 back. My new and 3 months old blog jumped to PR 2 from 0 and I am pretty much happy with this progress. :-)

    And for Adsense I must say that you should ad one block (text/image) above ‘About this blog’ section on your sidebar and the one which is displaying in the middle of post seems fine. You should keep experimenting with Ad spots over time to get desirable results Jimmy. Wish you good luck with that :-)

    And for guest posts, I would like to know what kind of guest posts you are expecting. I would love to write couple of articles for your blog. Please tell me details.

    • Congrats with the increase.! :D

      I’ll give your idea a go on the Adsense, because I haven’t actually tried that one before. :-/
      Regarding guest post, I’m still looking for post on the same topic’s as before but now just larger and son on.

  3. Jane Leopold says:

    I do not understand, Adsense automatically adjust itself for global traffic right? Why do you need to create seperate block for danish?

    • I don’t need a separate block for Danish users, but the things/setting that get’s danish surfers attentions and clicks doesn’t work on my English sites.
      So the things I’m looking for is the best places to place the ads, the best colors, should it only be text ads or rich media or should it be both types of ads. :)

  4. Congrats on getting your PR back. Cutting down on guest posts is surely a great idea for maintaing outbound link ratio

  5. Fleur says:

    Congratulations with PR6… Actually I was very happy to see 2 of my most recent sites from jumping PR0 to PR4 in just a few months!
    Could it be that they tweaked the PR algoritm a little bit?

    • I’m not sure that they have tweaked the algorithm, it “just” might be that you have done an excellent job getting quality backlinks. ;)

      • Fleur says:

        well, of course that should have helped aswell ;-)
        If you know how and… where, it’s actually quite easy :-D
        unfortunately high PR does not allways mean high ranking for all keywords I’m aiming at…

  6. Hoffman says:

    Wish I could help – I’ve never used it on my blog before; just added one banner to see how and if it works.

    • That’s ok, but do let me know how it goes with your experiment. :)

      I took a look at your October report TOP NICE, 638$ net income I would love to reach that ad some point in time. ;)

  7. Sohil R. Memon says:

    Congrats for the PR 6, mine is not good because just started my personal blog sive one month back. And by the way I can’t help you in Adsense because I’m a beginner. In fact, I should learn from your’s.

    Sohil Memon

  8. Nef San says:

    Hi, I was Working on 3 projects before. Cellphones, second one was for cell recharges and last one for hotels reservations. Well, the point is i did it every thing for increasing my page rank on the first 2 projects. And nothing happens. It was for a half year maybe. And nothing. But then, in my project No. 3 i just install a template and i got it page rank 2 in about 1 month. Whats happens. I dont know. So i learn something. No body knows how exactly page rank works.

    Congratulations for your page rank back jimmy

  9. Fahad says:

    Congrates for PR-6.

    Earlier I tried to use the adsense but i did not get any encouraging result moreover professional look of my blog was not good as it was without adsense.

  10. Steven Jude says:

    It also depends on how aggressive you want the ads to be. The most aggressive (and most effective) place to place adsense ads would be at the top left corner.

    That is the biggest tip for higher click-through-rates for display ads.

  11. Chiranjeev says:

    Congrats on getting your PR 6 once again. I am not a big fan of Adsense. Try your luck!!

  12. Amol says:

    Adsense automatically targets to the world even you have separate settings for it to choose right set of ads and geography to show you.

  13. Anthony says:

    i never accepted by google adsense, so i need more support how to accepted by google adsense..

  14. Riki says:

    Hi Jimmy,
    My adsense have been three times already banned by google, so I’m sorry I can not give you about adsense, but I want to ask to you, how can I make my adsense is not banned by google. Thank you before.

  15. Rehan says:

    Hi Jimmy, Congratulations on getting PR 6. Since you have asked, i like to ad my experience With adsence. From my experience, i believe things that matters the most to get high CPC from adsence is blog Niche, keywords you are targeting, high pagerank(Which you already have) and the region where you getting your clicks from. Since your website targets worldwide users you will notice a huge difference between CPC. As far as CTR is concerned you can try newly added 160×600 – wide skyscrapper in your sidebar(really huge ad slot). You can also try to move the middle of the post ad slot to below the post(Worked for me giving a CTR of almost 2%). You should keep experimenting with Ad spots over time util you get the desired results. Wish you good luck with that.

  16. Adam says:

    Adsense is ridiculous. I have been trying to figure it out myself. I wish they had a phone number there you can call and ask them anything. Just like they have it with adwords.

  17. Salman says:

    If you are running a blog, then having adsense 336×280 size ad code below title post and after post text would give you amazing results. I have tested it so many times and it is working very well.

  18. Julianne Kissack says:

    I have always found that having a full length vertical banner at the top of every page and one at the end of the post with a large horizontal banner in the sidebar has been most effective. Also some keywords having higher payouts. When you do your keyword research in the Google keyword tool be sure pick ones with high competition and the ads that appear will be people who are bidding large amounts per click. Though it will be hard to rank organically for these terms there is a good chance the ads will have a higher cpc.