Gray and Gold updated

19. November 2012 Posted by Jimmy Sigenstrøm

I finally got the Gray and Gold updated.!
Problems fixed
Page Links:Added the possibility of content in addition to links, made it 4 columns wide and better styling and description showed also.

Page Archive: Added the possibility of content in addition to links, made it 4 columns wide and better styling.
Fixed problem with no comments on pages

Style: Added 2 stylesheets / Theme options over/under 1024*678



The theme includes these features:

Wordpress theme Gray and gold

Wordpress theme Gray and gold

- Custom Menus
- Custom Header
- Post Thumbnails
- Widget-ready Sidebar
- Widget-ready Footer
- Right Sidebar
- Footer on post with tags, catagories
- Styled footer
- Header on post with images and “Edit” link
- Comments on pages
- Seo Friendly
- Author info
- 2 menues
- Dropdown Menu
- Styled Sticky
- Custom background
- Translation ready
- 2 stylesheets
- 4 columns links/archives pages

Feedback is of course welcome, so long as it is constructive!

Happy blogging:)

Download Gray and gold
Test is live here Gray And Gold demo

Current Version 2.5.3


And let me know about any bugs in the new version.!

About Jimmy Sigenstrøm

I am a qualified multimedia designer but has worked mostly with systems development in C # and search engine optimization, link building. Besides this I have my blog about whiplash and my SEO blog that is in connection with my link directory / article database

13 Responses to Gray and Gold updated

  1. Awesome Theme man, I am going to try it out, Hope it doesn’t have any bugs

  2. Andrew says:

    Lovely improvements, Jimmy!

    I think a lovely addition would be something to easily switch colours of things like the background and text colours for every newbie like me to be able to do that in seconds :)

    • That is actually one of the things I have i mind for the next update, it will have the option of changing between all my themes thus only having one large theme pack.

      And thx. :-)

  3. IT Rush says:

    Awesome, hope to try this one on my next project.

  4. Ankit M. says:

    Gray and Gold look nice and attractive. One thing that I can suggest is, the header area should have been a little smaller (in length) as it can leave more space for the content. And moreover ‘Google Page layout’ algorithm penalizes the sites which don’t have much content “above-the-fold”.

  5. Riki says:

    Great theme Jimmy, I love this theme, reminds me of my theme before “INOVE”, but now there isn’t Inove theme on WordPress, I do not know the cause.

    Thanks for the information.

  6. nikhil says:

    If it is SEO optimised, I would love to use it on my new blog!

  7. Fahad says:

    I think that there is some problem with you “Gray And Gold demo” link. If i click on the link, it open same blog post.

  8. Adam says:

    Looks nice. Great theme. Makes me want to change mine because all I do is fixing it

  9. Steven Jude says:

    Love the minimal nature of the theme. I am a huge fan of minimal themes and would use this Gray and Gold theme on my next wordpress project.

    Thanks Jimmy for updating it for your community free of charge.

  10. Hey Jim, I’ve tried out this theme, It’s awesome, Responsive and Gave Good score on Google PageSpeed Text