New rules on guest posting and cleaning up the blog

13. June 2013 Posted by Jimmy Sigenstrøm

Hi All

Many of you have probably noticed the changes on the blog, this was due to the blog getting hacked.!!
But the blog has been cleared by Google and others again, so it’s safe to visit the blog to comment and post guest posts.

So comment and post your hart out.

Guest posts
I’m also opening up for guest posts, but with a change that might affect the number of guest post but I find it necessary in order to get quality posts where the guest poster follows up on the comments.
So from today everyone can get a profile, the can write a guest post.

You can only post one link for free in the author bio, to whatever site you want as long as it’s not a spam site and so on.

I’m hoping that posters that pays fee also are more likely to answer comments, because the rule about the post links getting deleted are still in effect.

The prices are as following.
15$ fee pr. post to cover proofreading, other administrate cost and to ensure following on comments

There is a max on 4 links in any post and bio, so you can have 1 link in the bio and 3 in the post ore all 4 in the post.

THX Nick. ;)

I’m also starting up again and are at this time writing a post on what I did to get the maleware of the blog.!

About Jimmy Sigenstrøm

I am a qualified multimedia designer but has worked mostly with systems development in C # and search engine optimization, link building. Besides this I have my blog about whiplash and my SEO blog that is in connection with my link directory / article database

44 Responses to New rules on guest posting and cleaning up the blog

  1. collins says:

    Thanks for informing us of the new changes and i must say that you changes is not a bad one you need to protect your blog reputations, as i said earlier expect my guests post soon.

  2. Michael Montenaro says:

    Sorry to hear about being hacked…had a similar situation recently happen to my WP blog and can only say I am very thankful for backups! I am considering using CommentLuv on my own blog…what was your deciding factor in doing so? I have heard from both sides and would appreciate any insight on how you came to make the decision. Thanks in advance.

    • Comluv gets you more comments and traffic because the users can get some extra link juice from the rss link, that’s the upside of it.
      The downside is that you also gets more spam comments, so it gives you more to do.

      But again more hits more money, or at least that’s what happens on a lot of blogs.

  3. Sandhya says:

    Excellent Post Jimmy. Future of Guest Post is looking very spicy and difficult! Difficuly in Guest post is increasing day by day ! lets see .who will survive. Thanks for your post buddy!

  4. Hamza says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    New changes are good to go, but I guess majority of bloggers only disturb you to publish their spammy posts on your blog. Everything is cool, until one is providing quality thing.

    I came across to your blog several times, but never seen any update on content. Is everything okay?

    - Hamza

    • Hi

      Yes and no, I got rear ended in 2007 and have been using all my time on the trail so I didn’t have the time and energy to write on my blogs.
      But that has ended now and I’m going to have the energy to start running the blogs as they should. ;)

  5. Ernesto Marrero says:

    It would be nice to know if this provides good results. It would be good news to make money this way.

    • Hi

      Money isn’t the main gold but never the less, it would be nice to earn some money on it because the adsense gives absolutely nothing.
      It’s more to try to get better guest posts, and the guest bloggers to be more likely to answer comments after they have been published.

      Therefore is the prices also open to debate, to find the right amount so that everybody can afford it.

  6. Ben Edgson says:

    Reading through these comments I just want to say sorry you were rear ended :/ ouch! hope all is getting better for you! I’m new to blogging and guest posts etc, so the point of it would be to drive traffic to my website? and you charge for guest posts? do other blogs do that? It’s a good idea to get high quality posts I guess :))

    • Hi

      No not all blogs do charge for guest posts, but many high pagerank blogs do it because the sheer number of mails on guest posts.
      It’s a way to filter the non serious posts, thus only getting the ones that take the time to answer comments when the post is published and it’s the sole reason I do it.

  7. abhishek Kumar says:

    I can understand your situation about hacking as I have been attacked on my WordPress websites. I contacted my hosting providers and they were saying it is something called Brute-Force attack.
    I sat for 2-3 days and cleaned all the files manually to make sure that everything is fine now.
    I have changed my folder as read now only, but I am not sure, whether it will help or not.

    • I don’t think that will help, the best weapon against it is to update the plugins and wordpress as soon as they come out with a new version.
      Besides that it’s up to the host to protect the servers, with the right firewalls and so on.

  8. Sarthak Ganguly says:

    It should be ‘malware’ not ‘maleware’ (typo).

    Getting hacked is a nasty experience. Even if you have backups. I had one recently. Gives sleepless nights.

  9. Anand Singh says:

    well, i noticed few days before the site is getting redirected to other spam link. great to hear you are back. waiting to hear how you tackle the situation.

  10. Jolene says:

    Hi Jimmy, sorry to hear you were hacked. I had a question about your guest post offer:

    Is there a specific topic that guest posts should cover? Or can we guest post about anything?

    Interested in writing so please let me know. Thanks!

  11. Aasma says:

    I’m first time visitor on your blog and really feeling sad about hacking incident. Now a days there are limited numbers of blog are offering guest post opportunity and I’m sure more people will come here to take full advantage of guest posting.

  12. Anthony says:

    In some case the poster does not be notified when any other guest comment in the post. Do you think like me that is it a problem???

    • Well yes and no, when I guest post on other blogs then I keep track on the posts which means that I check back on the blog at least once a week to check up on my own post but also to see if there is new post I would comment on.

      So for me it’s a long time commitment…

  13. Samuel Jeffery says:

    I think this is a welcome change that should help funnel more quality guest posts. Personally, as a leading travel blogger, I’m often swarmed by requests for guest posts; many of these posts are spammy or are of poor quality.

    • You should think about doing the same, I’ve only gotten a couple of mails about guest posts after I made the new rules.!
      Before that I got between 2 and 20 a day, so it helps now it’s just a matter of setting the right amount so that the reel bloggers would like to guest post on the blog. ;)

  14. Gianni Guerra says:

    Hello Jimmy, im sorry to hear that you got hacked, i just have a question, i saw that you are going to charge a fee for posting comments, what is all this about? if we want to post a comment in your articles we need to pay? Sorry if im confused and didnt understand well what you tried to say.

    • Hi

      No it’ not the comments, but I have been swamped with spam guest pots. So to get rid of them and only get the post from dedicated bloggers, I added the fee.
      So comments all to want that’s free and will always be just that. ;)

  15. Nick Davison says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    Just thought I would point out that selling links can potentially harm your site and that of your customers.

    Google can and will penalise you for selling links, and also the sites of those who have bought them. A much better idea would be to charge an admin fee for each guest post, to cover proof reading and publishing. This way Google’s TOS are not breached and everyone is happy (and safe).

    • Hmm you might be right on that one..

      I just might change it to the admin fee instead of the link fees…

      • Nick Davison says:

        Hi Jimmy, glad to help, it would be a shame to jeopardize your great blog to the wrath of big G over the wording of your proofreading fees ;)

        Ps you should also probably delete the following sentence too:

        “In text links are now a :0Censored:0 option”

        That’s a naughty word!

  16. Darek says:

    Sorry to hear about your blog getting hacked, but it’s good that you’re back.

    Having to pay in order to post a guest post is actually a great idea! None of us wants to get bothered by spammers trying to get some free traffic source. And a $15 charge isn’t much anyway.

    Good luck with the blog and lets hope it won’t get hacked again.

    Take care,

  17. Usama says:

    Wow. its a nice opportunity you are giving to your readers by allowing guest posts on your blog. Newbie blogger are eager to guest post on well reputed blogs. I will surely send you a guest post in days.

  18. Amy Shaw says:

    I just don’t understand why some people can’t just show enough respect to blog authors to at least take the time to read their posts and provide intelligent thoughtful replies. It seems that spammers seem to be from the Indian SEO companies who pretty much ruin it for the rest of us by providing one sentence comments . (apologies to genuine professional SEO companies from India)It’s pretty annoying for everyone as we all like to debate articles and offer our opinions.

    • Couldn’t agree more with you although I see spammers from everywhere, which also is the reason to my strict rules.

    • Nick Davison says:

      Too true,

      I promote my sites by publishing well written and well researched guest posts that I spend hours creating. Also I don’t comment for the sake of it just to build links. Sure, if there is a blog that I am reading and I have a constructive comment, I will grab a link if its on offer. For me its about building relationships with other authors, about not abusing a site that someone has obviously invested a lot of time in building.

      The funny thing is that spammy links are always deleted from well moderated blogs like this one anyway, so ultimately they only waste their own time and that of the blog admin. I don’t care about their time, but as a blog owner myself I know how annoying it is to have to delete hundreds of comments and roll back your site because some little urchin has hacked it. I have a business forum that got hit by spammers at the end of last year, I had to delete over ten thousand loan and pharma links so I know your pain Jimmy.

  19. Chetan Gupta says:

    Hey Jimmy
    Sad to hear that this blog was getting hacked. But now you are saying that it’s safe to visit and leave comment and guest post. Then it’s fine.
    Thanks for informing all the things about your new rules on guest posting. These rules are must to maintain your blog’s reputation. Right???
    And I hope these rules will surely help in getting more and more quality guest posts.
    Take care jimmy and keep enjoying
    Chetan Gupta

  20. Thanks for notifying the changes, I have been following the blog going through all the wordpress and blogengine themes and as disappointed since there weren’t any new posts for a while, and i also tried to contact you several times regarding guest posting opportunity but haven’t got a reply. But thanks for clearing out the issue.

  21. Carol Manser says:

    Some really good points. I have noticed that if you retweet or +1, or share other people’s content on Social Media, they often thank you or give you a link. Whatever happens, the people who follow them will see your name/link and may come to visit you.

    This spreads your name/blog around the social media, gets you noticed, and gets you well known with other bloggers in your niche.

  22. Nikhil says:

    It’s an annoyance when the blog gets hacked. I am happy that you are back with your old ways. Also I still use your gold&grey theme for one of my blogs… :)

  23. John says:

    Sorry to hear about being hacked…had a similar situation recently happen to my WP blog and can only say I am very thankful for backups! I am considering using CommentLuv on my own blog…what was your deciding factor in doing so? I have heard from both sides and would appreciate any insight on how you came to make the decision. Thanks in advance.

  24. Josh Brancek says:

    Wow Jimmy, would definitely contact you regarding guest posting!!!

  25. swapnil says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    Its nice to hear that new rules are available for guest posting. Now you are free from span post and spam guest bloggers. Now its quite difficult to guest post on your blog. Thanks for providing such nice information. I hope your blog will secure then before.

  26. Melanie Rose says:

    Wow, sorry your site got hacked. But interesting, I have never heard of paying to guest post. Interesting concept. By the way, is anybody using Cloudflare security, and are you having any issues and is it working? I just started their free plan because it comes with my hosting, but have had a few weird things happen. Thanks all, Mel

    *** Service disabled. Check access key in CleanTalk plugin options. Request number 901c13a5a0decf7c30745fc0b2546241. Automoderator ***

  27. Ali Akbar says:

    Sorry to hear your site got hacked. Sounds like a scary experience especially to new bloggers like me.
    Its not wrong to earn as you go and i am sure charging for the guest posts will definitely chase away the spammy GP requests you must be getting but don’t you think Google would penalize you for that ? I’m sure you know what happens to paid links.