Simple tricks to improve your blog visibilities

21. June 2013 Posted by everest

In blogging world no one is perfect no matter how long you have been into it, though we have pro and newbie bloggers but still no one knows all or does it perfect.

I will be sharing with you in this post, Simple tricks to improve your blog visibilities, the dream of every blogger is to achieve success and become one of the leading blog in the world but i bet you, the road to success is always narrow, is only those who worked hard towards the narrow ways of blogging that reaches their destinations.

Without wasting much of your time i will be sharing some tricks that can help you improve your blog visibilities in so many ways and will help you achieve blogging success, below is the simple tricks that can help you to move your blog to the next level.
blogging tricks

Not promoting other peoples blog

This might sound funny to you but am just trying to tell you the secrete of blogging you might not be aware of, to promote your blog you need to promote your competitors blog and get a lot in return.

Now the question is how to promote your competitors blog and promote your own blog at the same time, below is few ways of promoting your competitors blog and promote you’s as well.

Blog Commenting

Yes you can really promote other peoples blog and promote you’s at the same time, i was reading Google’s webmasters guideline and they specifically Encourages webmasters to concentrate more on their website/blog conversation rate, example a blog without good conversation rate will actually go nowhere but guess what? Blog commenting play a major role when it comes to blog conversation rate.

Blogs with higher conversation rate is likely to rank higher then a blog with great content but low or no conversations, you might be asking how does it help you:


When you comment heavily in a blog you will be noticed not only by the visitors but by the blog owner himself and he will also wish to visit your blog to checkout the guy who participate heavily to his blog and probably return the favor, i have seen great bloggers visiting and commenting on my blog do to my participation to their own blog.


Am sure you know that commenting in a blog with commentluv enabled will generated not just traffic but targeted traffic to your blog once you have your latest post by the side of your comment.


Getting back-links is also one of the reasons to comment in other peoples blog, is no longer a news that blog commenting is one of the best and easy ways to get back-links that will help your blog ranking.

These are the things you will gain when you participate to your competitors blog but note, don’t spam all in the name of building back-links and traffic, keep it clean and real by reading the post first and leaving a good and related comment.

Not subscribing to blog post and comment

Well this is entirely up to you to subscribe to blog post or not but believe me you have a lot to gain when you subscribe to related blogs, as for me i subscribe to both comment and post, now let look at the benefits:

Notice when there is new post

Yes i specifically subscribe to blog post to know when they have new post and i normally rush to be the first to read it and probably leave a comment which might bring traffic to your own blog.

More Knowledge

To gain more knowledge is one of the first reason i subscribe to related blogs, be you pro or newbie blogger you still need to read and learn from other peoples post, what makes me who i am today is because i visit and read a lot of online post just to get ideals and also improve my own writing skills.

All the above tips is what i tried and it worked great, let me know what you think or contribute to the above mentioned tricks.

About everest

Everest is a part time blogger who likes to share his experiences and thought to the people who needs it most and to learn from other professional bloggers all over the world, apart from blogging Everest likes socializing and making friends all over the world. I am not an expert yet just sharing what i learned and eager to learn more. Everest blogs at WP AND SMF GUIDE where he discusses about Blogging and forum tips/tools FIND ME ON Twitter,Facebook,Pinterest and RSS Feeds

91 Responses to Simple tricks to improve your blog visibilities

  1. Josh Brancek says:

    Hello Mr. Everest!!! Will these tips help me make my site rank higher in search engines??? Will it make my site more authoritative???

  2. James Parker says:

    Brilliant stuff. I would like to suggest you to please write a content while comparing twitter #tagging and facebook # tags. That will be so nice of you.

    Party position in election 2013

  3. innocentsm says:

    I agree with most of the points mentioned in the article. thanks for sharing

  4. Jennifer says:

    Do you believe similar results can be seen by using social media to promote competitor blogs as well as your own blog?

  5. Srikanth AN says:

    I have also come across a method I would like to share to promote others at the same time your promote yourself. It goes like this, you can make a Top Resources for list. By that way you can give a shout out to those mentioned in the list to promote, and take it from me, they would return the favor with a share. That way everyone gets a cookie! :)

  6. Mike says:

    Nice article. Definitely agree that blog commenting should be a component of a well-rounded backlink strategy. I also generally agree with what most people are saying. I tend not to worry about Do-Follow vs. No-Follow links. Each provide some type of value.

    Furthermore, as many people have said in different ways, it’s important to treat the benefit which your blog receives as a valuable byproduct, but not the end goal. The goal should be always be to make a meaningful and valuable contribution to the discussion and to possibly build relationships with people.

    Over the last couple years, many people seem to have evolved to consider guest posting as the “favored” way for building website exposure. If done right, on good high-PR websites, this can be an excellent way to improve traffic.

    Of course, building a social-media presence is another good idea. And less-valuable tactics such as forum posting, directory submissions, etc. have their place.

    But blog commenting remains one of the least difficult, yet still valuable tactics in an overall link-building strategy.

    • Muneeb Ahsan says:

      Actually, Guest posting is one of the best way to make natural back links and this technique isn’t the spamm. we all know that how much google lobe the natural back links which we made by using Guest posting. And i do agree with you on the fact that yes, blog commenting is a really good technique for well rounded blog. commenting on other blogs not only give the back links but also provides the reactions with other bloggers which are really necessary for to grow up in internet marketing

    • Rolling Box says:


      I do like guest posting, however unlike yourself I tend to find that forum posting and directory submissions are my main search traffic increases. I just don’t seem to see many ranking increases from blog posting – and thats with dofollow and nofollow posts.

      • Hi

        You need to spread out your link building, because if your main source for backlinks are directories and forums you can get hits by Google.
        But the values of your guest post seo vice for your own site, depends on the blog you guest post on…
        If it has a high pagerank, high alexa ranking and seo authority, you will get a lot more out of it and of course even more good links when you replay on comments.

  7. Anis Chity says:

    These are powerful tips here to generate more traffic for your blog and increase the visilibities
    thanks for sharing this awesome post :)
    have a nice day :)

  8. Ali Akbar says:

    Excellent post Everest. Blog commenting is not only a way to get backlinks but also helps build relationship with other bloggers. It is my personal favorite. However, can you suggest backlink strategies other then blog commenting ?

  9. Pankaj Jain says:

    Hello Everest,
    I’m completely agree with your point. After your content publish, blog commenting is the second thing which must be do. It helps us to build relationship plus help us to increase our Google ranking. Really it is very important and newbie blogger should understand this thing.
    BTW everest, very nice post, you have cover all the necessary points. Thanks for this post. Keep Posting… :) :)

  10. Shruti says:


    It’s apparent that content must be fresh and up-to-date regularly, otherwise visitors will just go elsewhere. Make certain it addresses the readers in some way, for instance, request questions in the finish of every blog publish in order to spark a discussion within the ‘comments’ section.

    Knowing how, perform a little of keyword and researching the market to determine what might help you get rated highly in internet search engine search engine pages for particular search phrases. Make certain to incorporate these key phrases in page game titles, meta explanations, titles, inside the first 100 words of the blog publish and image file names and captions. To prevent an excessive amount of keyword saturation, also target synonyms.

    All content should flow easily and lure the readers in the first paragraph by providing a obvious description of the items the content will probably be about.

    Clichés ought to be prevented, in addition to adjective-packed portions of text. Use colourful language go ahead and, just be sure you continually be original and straight to the stage.

    Don’t over-categorise your site. Each publish should stick to strictly one category therefore it is simpler to encounter for both humans as well as for search engines like google.

  11. Tajamal Hussain says:

    When setting up site SEO, don’t forget about your site’s URL. Having a domain is better than a subdomain, if you can set one up. Also, any URL longer than about 10 words risks being classified as spam. You want about 3 to 4 words in the domain and no more than 6 or 7 in the page name.

  12. Lalith says:

    Hi everest

    This is really useful post for me

    Also Social Media Promotion will help a lot in making your blog visible now-a-days
    Building huge quality backlinks also makes a blog visible to search engines
    Thanks for sharing these tips

  13. Akash Deep Satpathi says:


    Nice Post! I also have followed these and promoting blogs in social networks like Facebook is great idea to get known by peoples. However it also lowered search engine ranking which is the reason I stopped promoting my blog just after 3 days of promotion.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Sanath Swaroop says:

    Hey Everest,Thanks for this knowledgeable article :),Will work on these techniques,hopefully the ranking of my website will increase :)
    Thanks w3blog for this content :)

  15. Salini Dinesh says:

    Hi everest,

    Thank you for this nice post and you explained everything in this post about site visibility. Blog commenting is one of the most effective ways to increase conversation and traffic.