12 Ways to Scale Your Efforts with Content Promotion to Achieve Maximum Exposure

1. September 2013 Posted by Stacy Carter

Writing a good content for your website is not enough. You need an escalating effort that will help you drive maximum exposure for your content. It takes a lot of investment of your time and effort to research and write a killer content for your business site only to realize that no one even bothers to visit your site. You need strategies to help you uplift the exposure of your content and these 12 easy steps will help guide you through the process.

Step 1 – Do not s.p.a.m your content

Spammed contents rarely get ranked on the search engine. Using keywords for your content is a good SEO strategy however it can hurt your content when it is stuffed with too many keywords that give the search engine the impression that it is a spammed content. Use keywords at a decent keyword density rate of 2% of the number of words of your content and you will do just fine. Use keyword density tools to help you avoid an SEO overkill that can prevent your article from getting enough exposure that it should have.

Step 2 – Search keywords with the lowest competition

In order to boost your content exposure, you need to find keywords that will have a lower competition to make it rank high on search. Searching for the most relevant keyword with a low competition in the search engine is easier when you use the Google Adword Keyword Tool that can give you good leads on which keyword to pursue for your business niche. You can filter the results according to broad, exact or phrase type and by the number of competition, trend and popularity on the web.

Step 3 – Use a good blogging platform

The kind of blogging platform that you use will help influence how your content gets better exposure in the search engines. Use a platform that offers you tools to optimize your content exposure. Plugins are very useful tool that you can use on your business website as there are those that helps improve the SEO structures of your content and helps to optimize its ability to rank better in search.

Step 4 – Use the proper website design and color theme

The design and color theme for your website must be selected carefully with the objective that it can help your content become more readable to your visitors. The color that you choose can significantly trigger the emotion of your readers so be mindful about the color that you choose for your website fonts. It is just as important to select the right fonts for your website to ensure that your content appearance is inviting and more welcoming to your website visitors in order to attain better exposure and appreciation from your customers.

Step 5 – Engage in link building efforts

With the Google Panda and Penguin updates, many thought that link building is a dead SEO strategy. This is a wrong notion because this Google update only penalizes those sites that undertake a black hat SEO approach such as link farming. Link building remains to be a good SEO strategy to help your content gain better exposure especially in the search results. You only need to use high quality backlinks to your content to boost its exposure online.

Step 6 – Remove spammed backlinks on your contents

Dead and spammed backlinks may be one of the reasons why your content does not obtain better exposure especially in the Google search. If spam links are associated to your content, Google will most likely penalize your content if not your entire business site by blocking your exposure in search rank. Your best remedy is to use Google’s Disavow Tool. This will clean your content from the dead or spam links that prevent your content to appear from the search engine.

Step 7 – Create Social Profiles to market your content

Social networks are becoming an in-demand medium to obtain maximum exposure for your website content. Most social network platforms support social marketing in promoting a business online and you can take advantage of using the different social marketing tools like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn to advance your marketing efforts in promoting your content in the virtual world.

Step 8 - Use different medium for content promotion

Not all internet users are very interested in reading textual contents. You can cover a wider audience when you are able to produce content that may be in the form of texts, infographics, slideshow and video. You can reach more potential customers for your business when you publish your content using these mediums and it will deliver better exposure of your content to different types of internet users.

Step 9 – Leverage on paid media

It is quite difficult to promote your content on your own. If you are serious enough to launch a full time promotion of your content in order to attain better exposure for it, you need the help of paid media advertisements. You can take advantage of the StumbleUpon Paid Discovery where you can buy clicks at a very low price. Reddit Ads will also work well for your content marketing efforts by leveraging on its inexpensive click service from socially engaged audience to maximize the exposure of your business contents.

Step 10 – Take advantage of social shares

As you create more social media accounts, you can attain better exposure for your site if you are able to encourage the members of your social network to share your content. Most contents became viral because of social shares. You can focus your efforts in promoting your content by targeting people in your network to make them share or like your content by providing them quality content that can be a headline in the social media community.

Step 11 – Curate your content

Your efforts in content promotion should start from writing good contents that are derived from highly reputed sites. Back up your information by providing citations from Journals and Scientific Research sites and link them to your content. You can eventually build your website content reliability for better exposure to your target audience.

Step 12 – Build Your Authorship

Focusing your effort in building your authorship will give your content better exposure on the web. As you work in promoting your professional authority on your business niche, you can easily market your content once you achieve a good authorship reputation. Using Google + is a good start. You can also start commenting on other people’s blog with similar niche as your business and offer some helpful tips and information. In the long run, you gain respect and your content will be given much weight by your followers.

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9 Responses to 12 Ways to Scale Your Efforts with Content Promotion to Achieve Maximum Exposure

  1. Ash Campbell says:

    I was told to read through this blog as It has a decent reputation for giving actual information.
    The first post I read was this one and you completely nailed it!

    you suggested using Reddit and stumbleupon paid ads.. I will 100% be looking into that in the next few days. Interesting, as i had noticed tumblr’s PPC (I think its PPC) network.
    Not sure how effective it would be as tumblr is most teenagers etc .. but worth a shot i guess. Reddit would be the best as the viewers are more likely to be older. Its really dependant on what the product/service is! Or content as you where saying.

    anyway, Im ranting on! Great post and I enjoyed reading it :)

  2. David says:

    All incredibly apt advice, Stacey! I think too many bloggers don’t take these things to heart–they spam content, don’t contribute to their niche blogging communities, pick competitive terms, and then get upset when things aren’t working out! Thanks for setting us on the right path!

  3. Gaurav says:

    Great tips to boost traffic on a blog. i like the points you mentioned above and i do agree with all. if you are a blogger then you must remember that content is king. if you are writing beautiful content with proper keyword density then your posts will definitely rank higher in SERPs.

    Thanks for sharing


    Gaurav Heera

  4. Gautam says:

    Nice Tips to increase Traffic. If a blogger follow these tips surely his blog rocks as yours. new to your blog & really like the stuff you have shared here. Going to subscribe.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hammad Mehdi says:

    I actually loved the way you defined the use of low competitive keywords. Some people always try to fix their competitive keywords in their blog post’s body and title and ignore the use of long tail keywords and phrases. They also go for heavy or over optimization for that particular post. It makes it spam sometimes.
    Through your tip of using low competitive keywords we at least, can show up in high rankings in search engines. For the initial stage it is very good tactic to implement. Thanks for sharing that blog i enjoyed reading it.

  6. Sanved says:

    Wonderful post. I would like to tell everyone that the steps 2 and the 9 should be emphasized upon and should not be taken lightly.

  7. Ajay says:

    Awesome tips!
    Spamming content is the main aspect which reduces the interest of the people on a blog. Most of the writers write for search engines and tries keyword stuffing to get higher traffic. We must write for readers and thus they automatically shares our content providing greater exposure to our blog articles.

  8. Pankaj says:

    HEllO, nice post i was looking for ways to promote my blog which will not cost me more, and found your website going to try each of them so that i can scale up my blog traffic and reach new people.

    thanks for writing up.

  9. Majk says:

    Hey, Stacy !
    Great info there! I think that second one – keyword research is the most important thing right now. Why? Because when You try to start with new site, its good to see result in couple of month, then author see that his strategy work. For high competitive sites it will be a long time ago when keyword rise the top – but , its just my opinion :)