Top WordPress Tips to Make Your Blogging Experience Better

9. June 2014 Posted by Admin

There is no better software that you can think of for blogging than WordPress. It is such easy software to use that even novice computer users will be able to set up their blog and to frequently update their blog. Being creative and making alterations to the blog with the help of WordPress is very easy and does not eat much of your time. If you are looking to make your blogging experience a better, easier and efficient one, then all you need to do is to follow the below mentioned tips.

Getting Your Blog Recognized

There is no point in just creating an amazing blog with very good posts and publishing it online. You have to create a very good URL for the blog to get noticed by popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. so that it is viewed by many internet users. To create an attractive URL for your new post:

  • Go to the options section and click on ‘permalinks’ in the drop down menu.
  • Choose custom permalinks to set your own link and then type in a new permalink structure “%category%/%postname%”.
  • This will ensure that the name of the post or the name of the category, followed by the name of the post will be seen in the URL.

“Do Follow” Blog

It is ideal  that you make your blog a ‘do follow’ blog as this will help in many people to  follow your blog and your blog can enjoy better page rankings in popular search engines with many people sharing your posts.

  • There are many do-follow plug-ins available on the internet and this can be found out by searching through a search engine on the internet or on the WordPress site itself.
  • Chose one that you find is in great demand like “Add This” or “Share This” and see your blogs getting good responses from internet users.

Regular Posting

There is no doubt that regular and repeated postings will help in improving your blog’s page rankings.

  • Make sure that you write a blog every day or every week depending on the traffic level.
  • An easy way to do this is to write a few blog posts ahead of its posting time and then save them as drafts.
  • You can also change the post time option for these new posts to a future date and time so that it gets automatically posted when its time arrives.
  • This will save your valuable time and you will also be constantly updating your blogs even if you are not blogging on the update day.

Thinking of What to Write

If you do not have information to update on your blog, then:

  • You can always check out Google News search to find new information by using the niche of your blog.
  • Recap a news article that you found interesting and is close to your blog content and put your comment about the event in your blog.
  • You need to give your personal experience about the news so that it makes some interesting reading for your users.

WordPress offers you a lot of space to make many tweaks, tips and tricks to make your blog customized and much appealing to your readers.

7 Responses to Top WordPress Tips to Make Your Blogging Experience Better

  1. Darragh McCurragh says:

    “ideal that you make your blog a ‘do follow’ blog” – I’m not sure if that is always the way to go. a) It tends to attract spammers. b) Google watches closely who gives whom the benefit of a do-followed link and if it seems to Google that the “value” of such is no better than if it appeared as a nofollow, it practically treats it as a nofollowed link. When the nofollow attribute was introduced it seemed like a good idea. However, it just means that the person who controls link creation (i.e. the website owner) can now “tell” google how to treat a link with regard to pageRank or TrustRank – exactly the opposite of what Google tries to do. It tries to establish “objective” metrics for website popularity to base its rankings on. That can only work if it lets NO ONE influence its decisions. Hence both nofollow or dofollow are now largely overridden by Google’s own estimation of what the link “should” count as!

    • It does absolutely attract spammers,but it’s only a matter of the blog webmaster tending to the problem.
      By this I mean it’s up to the webmaster to delete spam comments, when and where they may com.
      The stats on this post so far is 13 comments marked as spam.

      The sheer number of spam was also the reason I’ve been inactive on the blog, I’ve been deleting up to 1000 spam comments a day because of the blogs pagerank, alexa ranking and of course Mozrank.

  2. Bharat Kumar says:

    thanks for these tips it’s really work i also tried it

  3. John Smith says:

    Hey, NIce Tricks, The new one for me was that to set a custom permalinks including category. i will surely implement it :)

  4. Matthew says:

    With so many blogs out there, you better have some pretty good content! I think keeping your content original and fresh can make you somewhat visible on Google- no guarantees obviously :/

  5. Muhammad Fayyaz says:

    Hey Jimmy,

    I completely agree with you, WordPress is the best choice for bloggers and if you know how to make things special in wordpress then you are the king. I have doubt on making your blog a do follow blog trick as if i will do the spam rate will increase and i don’t want my blog to be full of spammers.


  6. Muhammad Mairaj says:

    Awesome blog having such a valuable content. The post you shared is very informative. No doubt WordPress is the best tool for web designing and it covers almost SEO with the help of its powerful plugins which played an important role for optimizing blog or website. Keep going on.