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Keeping Track – Why is it important for all types of Internet Marketing campaigns?

28. February 2012 Posted by Natasha

It always baffles me to see SEO or Internet Marketing professionals to not pay attention on keeping track of their progress (or regress) in terms of back links, rankings, visits, bounce rates, and the likes. Truth is that doing any kind of marketing without keeping track of the results is like shooting in the dark, you’d never know what’s hitting and what’s missing the target by miles, which means you will be wasting your time and resources on useless tactics, whilst you could have easily saved that amount and utilize it on much better resources only if you were aware of the ROI.

It becomes even more important in Internet Marketing because the ever increasing competition and the availability of many different tactics make it indispensable to closely monitor your advancement. Following are the reasons why keeping track of your marketing efforts can help your business. (more…)

The Harsh Reality Of A Successful Website In Search Results

23. February 2012 Posted by andytme

When it comes to ranking high in search engines everyone would like to see their website at the number one position in Google and the other major search engines for their chosen phrase, yet getting on the first page alone can often be a major achievement particularly if you are selling something that has a lot of online competition.

Yet the harsh reality is we cannot all be at number one in Google.

High Expectations?

However a lot of people buy a website for their business and then expect it to immediately be at the top of the search engine rankings, yet what many people fail to realise that often just getting your site included in the search engines can take several days, even by those that know what they are doing. (more…)

The 411 on how I link build for my websites

15. February 2012 Posted by W3blog

I’ve gotten some emails, where users ask me how I link build to my sites and what i do in general on seo, or if  I’ve been using some kind payed service.
So instead of writing 20 emails to different ppl. telling how I link build I thought this was better and faster. 😉

Payed seo services
Do I use them, and the answer is no.!
I have not and will never use any kind of payed services, for several reasons where the first is. I would have no control on where and how and service would place backlinks, thereby setting myself up for backlinks from bad neighborhoods. This is also a no go regarding Googles Webmaster Guidelines And the links you get out of it are 9 out 10 times extreme low value, this blog gets about 50 or 60 spam comments from services like this every day.(Now when I’m writing the post i have 118 spam comments, from yesterday and today)

This also why that some good comments gets the hammer, even though they shouldn’t.!

New Google pagerank update today 6th february

6. February 2012 Posted by W3blog

We got our first Google pagerank today, a few days later than a lot of ppl had predicted but better late than never. 😉

And a lot of webmasters including myself was dreading this one, because of the algorithm and panda updates in October and December.
Were one of my sites was affected, and it lost it’s number one spot one Google. But I’m glad to say that it didn’t affect my site, that might be due to the things I’ve done to the websites seo.
In fact it got an increase in pagerank by one.!
Two other site went from PR4 to PR3, and almost the rest stayed the same.

But for the first time ever I got a page with a pagerank 6, as of today this site has a PR6 and I can’t get my hands down.!! 😀

But enough blowing my own horn, what about your site did it get an update good or bad.?

You can as alway check your pagerank at Webiq

NB.: Sry about the short post.! 😉

What is 2012 gonna bring us on the seo scene

29. December 2011 Posted by W3blog

Well 2011 is almost gone, but it was a year where Google made some big changes on the seo scene. That really had a large impact om many good sites, something that I don’t think was the purpose with the updates.

So what did 2011 bring us.?
In the start of the year we saw the first panda update, where a lot of link directories and article databases got hammered and got sandboxed.
Google did this for several reasons, where I believe that the main reason was to remove some of all the double content there were on many of these sites. But unfortunately some the good sites was affected by this update, they are back again due to their value and of course the fact that they didn’t have any double content. (more…)

What You Need to Know About DoFollow and NoFollow Links

6. December 2011 Posted by Nick Sotos

What You Need to Know About DoFollow and NoFollow Links

(And the Difference!)

Without a doubt, vying for traffic on the internet is certainly highly competitive in today’s online marketplace. Most of us understand the basics of link building to increase traffic: More relevant links increase page rankings for our Web sites. In turn this higher visibility drives in even more traffic. But are you familiar with DoFollow and NoFollow links, or their difference?

If not, you may be missing out on a simple and handy tool to get your sites noticed. Or you may be using them incorrectly, which isn’t going to help you either. For those reasons, let’s explore the nuts and bolts of these critical connections, so you can use them to increase your traffic and therefore, get more Page Rank!


How to Transform an SEO Trainee into an SEO Expert – A Basic Guide

27. November 2011 Posted by Arba

Working in a web development company, I have often found it hard to come across expert SEOs needed for the job. Either I’ve had to outsource projects to freelancers or to pay some experts an exorbitant amount for their expertise. Problem is, most of the time, you don’t really need an, “expert”, all you are looking for is someone who can do basic link building, social media or technical analysis, in short, do some pretty basic stuff at a fair paycheck.

This is where companies take in some raw recruits, who don’t know a thing about Search Engine Optimization, hoping that they will be able to train these greenhorns into some sort of an expert, which is easier said than done. If you have just recently employed an SEO trainee in your company, here is a basic guide on how to put him on track to become an SEO expert. (more…)

Google did it again, new pagerank update in november

17. November 2011 Posted by W3blog

The title says it all, Google have made yet another update the the Pagerank. It’s the fifth update they have made this year so far, which means that a lot of pages has got theres pagerank change.

And of course there is a great focus on it from many webmasters, they want to see if theres has gone up or done. But not many ppl knows have many time the Google pagerank has been updated since it started in 2000, so if you want to see the history on it you might wanna check out this page “Pagerank update history(more…)

How did I change my Alexa Ranking

31. October 2011 Posted by W3blog

This experiment started due to my post on how inaccurate Alexa Ranking is, I wanted to see how easy it is to change ones Alexa Ranking within their guidelines.
It’s one thing to change ones ranking with small tips, but to see a really big increase in ranking I also toke one small step in order to get more traffic.

So what did I do to change my Alexa Ranking with over 100,000 places in 14 days…..

Changing my Alexa Ranking

21. October 2011 Posted by W3blog

I have in this post written about the inaccuracy in the way Alexa calculates a websites ranking on their site, as a continuation to that post I have been running a little experiment to just see how easy it is to change ones ranking.

As it’s so far much easier than I would ever had believed possible, but due to the fact that it has only have been running for 10 days.
I wont just yet write about what I did, but I can give you the result so far. 😉

Ten days ago my Alexa Ranking was 409,935, today ten days later it’s 334,531.!
In other words my ranking has increased with 75,404 positions on my Alexa Ranking in only ten days. (more…)